Made For School Canteens

Made For School Canteens



About Us

We have been baking Pizza since 1993, initially, we made a smaller size pizza for the children in our family to take to school for their lunches the pizza was folded in half and wrapped in foil, the “Pizza Wrapp” was born.
Since then we have commercialized the products and reworked the recipes ultimately achieving a 3.5- Health Star rating, We also evolved our packaging to pie warmer and microwave friendly with a strong emphasis on portion and quality controls.  
We now distribute to over 100 school canteens across Sydney metropolitan area and many more joining us on a weekly basis.

About Our Products

Made exclusively for school canteens
Pie warmer – Up to 2 hours at 60°C
No added flavours or preservatives
A balanced nutritional lunch
Individually packaged & sealed with
portion & quality control
Freshly baked & snap frozen
Baked daily from Australian products

Microwave & sandwich press friendly

Fully cooked, just heat and serve
3 month freezer life
Minimal wastage – Easy to manage
Australian family owned business for 25 years

About Our Clients

Our Clients range from reputable distributors to individual school canteens across the country. Oz Bake has a focus on school canteens, Why? Because we believe that with tighter and tighter health restrictions, children are missing out on the wonders of great tasting food. That’s why all of our Australian products are a minimum of 3.5 health Stars. 

Our product is designed to be easy to handle from the Delivery Drives, the Chefs to the consumer. Our products are Pre-packaged in brightly coloured boxes and sleeves so they are easily identifiable. They keep for months in a freezer. And are ready to warm and serve inside the packaging. No mess, no fuss, just great tasting wholesome food. 

If you’re a canteen manager, distributor or just want to learn more about our products, leve us some details below and we’ll get in touch 


The pizza wraps are so easy to manage! I generally run them through our pie warmer as they move very quickly


Elias - Canteen Manager

Greenacre Public School

We Love the food, we love the service


Su - Canteen Owner

Strathfield South Public School

Our kids love your Pizza wraps.  I’d recommend them to every single school canteen


Helen - Canteen Manager

Father John Therry Primary School

Fast, Cost Effective, Reliable. Perfect! 🙂


Tony - CEO Distributor

Bon Apetit

7am – 6pm




Chief Executive Officer
Roland – 0415 909 090

Head Sales Consultant
Helen – 0412 194 888

Operations Manager
Chris – 0401 257 995

Contact Us

156 Waterloo Rd Greenacre NSW 2190
Phone: 1300 OZ BAKE (69 2253)
ABN: 55 609 858 899

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